Pastor Carlos & Sister Kadie Almanza

Our Story

Simple Faith Baptist Church was founded by a group of believers in 2017 who shared common theological convictions to up-hold the Bible as the ultimate authority for all matters of faith and practice. Brother Carlos continued in His calling to serve the body of Christ as a pastor, as He had demonstrated faithfully serving in this gift while serving in his previous church as an assistant pastor. After brother Carlos was introduced to the King James Bible through an elder at his previous church, he sought the Lord through prayer and fasting concerning his spiritual direction for future ministry, since his newfound theological convictions where not upheld at his previous church. For charity’s sake, he did not want to be the cause for church division or strife, so he peacefully stepped down from serving as an assistant pastor from that church. Sometime after this work officially began with a group of believers in a house in 2017. Since then we have been faithfully congregating, baptizing converts, discipling converts, and evangelizing the lost here in Oceanside. Our pastor has had the privilege to befriend other pastors from here to India who share like-minded beliefs and practices, namely with other independent baptist churches: who have been a blessing to him over the years for personal study through schooling, mentorship, council; but most importantly, friendships. We acknowledge that churches operate differently, (some holding to or maintaining certain traditions or practices), our pastor has sought to be a blessing to other pastors with what he finds in common with them vs liberties of practical differences. Our pastor is continuing his biblical studies under the ministry of the Bible Baptist Church of Deland Florida, under Pastor James W Knox. We hope and pray you find our church to be a local body of believers who love God and recognize that He alone is perfect, we are not; and who are ready and willing to love you and help you through all seasons of life utilizing the bible as our source of power through it all. We look forward to your visit. Until then we encourage you to write us anytime via email, or call us for any further questions you might have; and with prayer we'll seek the Lord on how we can be a help to you. May God bless you today in the knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ for the salvation of your soul. smiley