March 1, 2023, 1:58 PM

🙏📖♥️ A 'biblical defense & proof for the doctrine of the Godhead (a.k.a the Trinity). ðŸ‘‡ðŸ‘‡ðŸ‘‡


Hey Christian. Here's a basic tract that helps prove the bible doctrine of the "Godhead" (a.k.a the 'Trinity'). Biblical Christianity requires this doctrine to be believed in, upheld, for understanding of the work and person of Christ, as distinguished from the Father & the Holy Spirit. All three members are eternal, co-equal in power, nature, presence; all share the same 'being' of what our human finite minds call 'God'. The Father has always remained in the 'third heaven', seated on the throne; the eternal 'Word' (whose name given at His incarnation/virgin birth is JESUS) was the member who was incarnated in the flesh; the Holy Ghost/Spirit is the member who convinces (convicts) this world of sin, righteousness & judgement to come. Whosever believes the gospel of Jesus Christ, will be 'born again (regenerated) by the sealing presence of the Holy Spirit. All three members of the Godhead serve their particular role in the creation, restoration, redemption: plan for man's salvation. 


- 'Oneness' apostolic Pentecostals, Jehovah's witnesses, latter day saints, and similar religious groups who deny this doctrine, are not biblically Christian, for their understanding of these members is in error, which causes their theology to be in error. In love- Brother Carlos. ðŸ˜ŠðŸ™