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October 17, 2018, 7:00 PM

Dr.Sam Gipp, A Friend to Churches

Another great man of God that has greatly been a blessing to our church leadership both in person, and study-materials, is Dr.Sam Gipp. Please take time to check out his website, bookstore, and youtube channel to learn more about the amazing history behind the King James Bible, scholarly studies of the manuscript history, and growing in your faith to defend God's promise to preserve His Word forever. He's a great friend, call him anytime. 

Sam Gipp Website- Website

Sam Gipp Youtube- YouTube Video

August 23, 2018, 11:00 AM

Bible Baptist Church of Deland Florida

Here's another great phenominal christian bible based ministry, located in Deland Florida. Pastor James W. Knox, and the great men that accompany him, have been standing firm in our time, for bible based preaching through radio programs, bible conferences, door to door knocking, serving in many more ways as such. God has truly blessed our church with the fellowship of this church, when our pastor sought out a ministry where he could attend some type of Bible school online. After watching one sermon from this pastor, he was scrpitually convinced that this was the ministry that he'd been praying for to further his learning in the studies of God's Word. For more in depth bible based teaching, resources and books for commentaries and topical study books, please visit their website, as well as youube channel. 

Bible Baptist Church of Deland Florida Website- Website Link

Youtube Channel- Youtube Channel

August 23, 2018, 10:00 AM

Chick Publications

Here's the link to another great christian, bible based ministry, that offers plentous materials on topics such as bible versons, religous groups/cults, bible history, to help the bible student learn more of the history behing their bible, and how to defend their faith against false doctrines. Brother David Daniels, has both seculiar & ministry training educationally, and God has used him greatly to produce books to help christians learn more of the histroy behind their bibles, and other issues alike. 

Chick Website- Chick Online

Youtube link-Chick Youtube

Page 1 2   Entries 11-20 of 13
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