Beyond the Fundamentals
August 25, 2019, 10:26 AM

Pastor Kevin G Thompson is another faithful bible believing preacher, who has been defending the preserved lineage of the Word of God, and defending fundamental doctrines of Christianity, while exposing heretical doctrines against biblical Christianity like Calvinism, Armeniasm... This statement of faith represents Beyond The Fundamentals Ministry. It does not necessarily reflect the official statement of faith of any local church, regardless of anyone’s association therewith. The Purpose of this statement is for identity and clarity so that those who consume media produced by this ministry can be aware of the general perspective from which it originates. All statements are deducted from comparative passages of Scripture and are subject to revision upon identification of error, or upon a better understanding of scripture being attained. These statements do not composite an authority of faith, but merely an identity of perspective. Scripture is the sole authority for faith. 

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